Cyril Marques
Passionated about communication and entrepreneurship, I learn, create, test, fail, get back up, learn some more and keep trying new things. I joined Broid as VP Marketing.

Introducing Broid Web Chat

When we started Broid and worked on integrating major messaging apps, we also looked for the best chat widgets for website that would provide a similar experience as FB Messenger for bots. We thought that it would be a major addition to ther other integraitons.

Now, that search was quite in vain.

So, we quickly decided that this vaccum could not be suffered and we built our own chat widget and poured into it the most powerful conversational features available out there. If you were looking for the ultimate Web Chat, search no more.

And here is why:


Start the Conversation

  • Whisper
    Having a great conversation flow is all well and good but first you need to get users to engage with your bot. The whisper will enable you to send a first message (that can be contextualized based on any factor you want).

  • Notifications
    Because a user usually have plenty of tabs open and probably browsing through several of them while chatting. Sound and visual notifications will tell the user to go back to the conversation!

  • Fully customizable
    From background to text and buttons colors as well as avatars, you can embeded the Web Chat as though it was part of your brand.

  • White Label
    You're not paying to promote Broid, so no mention of us whatsoever on the Web Chat. Althoug you can add your own "powered by [xyz]"!

Enriching the Conversation

Let's review here what type of messages are offered by our Web Chat.

  • Simple text
    I want to say "obviously" 🤔... Oh and emojis are supported (...obviously bis).

  • Cards
    with or without images and/or buttons.


  • Carousels
    Loop scrolling is available so that your users don't have to search back.


  • Gifs & Video
    No worries, you're covered here.


  • Geolocation
    Always useful when you need a user to send his/her location in order to provide either directions or surounding items of interest.

  • Attachments
    You need your users to send you images or pdfs? Well, they can!

  • Quick Replies
    Those will help you guide your users through your flow.

  • Hide Composer
    Sometimes you really want users to use buttons and not free text. By disabling the text composer you can easily avoid conversation flow issues.

Coming soon

A quick glimpse on our roadmap:

  • Webviews
    So that you can display or ask very specific things to your users like for example only allow the input of emails or phone number (while displaying a mask).

  • Menu
    Provide users with a menu that would give static messages like “menu”, “talk to an agent”, etc.

  • Send files to users
    Yes, that will go both ways.

  • In-Chat Payment
    We're looking at several integrations, if you have specific needs, let us know!

  • Office Hours
    Even bots can have off hours, you'll be able to manage those directly from our dashboard and let users know when you'll be available.

A quick word about Broid

Broid is a developer-first platform that puts messaging at the heart of your product. With the single integration of our API, you can converse with users over the top 20 messaging apps and also your website, with our own Web Chat widget.

Because we eliminate the needless complexity of messaging API integrations, you can focus on your roadmap and leave the messaging infrastructure to us.

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