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Passionated about communication and entrepreneurship, I learn, create, test, fail, get back up, learn some more and keep trying new things. I joined Broid as VP Marketing.

Product Update #1

Yes! It's here! Our first product update of the year! We're quite excited 😺!

Time to know what happened with Broid during the last couple of months. We've got some news about our website and two new cool features for the Web Chat 😉.

So, without further ado, here's what's new:

🖥️ - New Website & Dashboard - 🖥️


Because we closed the Beta and were about to open to the public, we decided it was time for our website to change looks!

We are now open for public registrations, so if you know about people that would need Broid, let them know! We'll send some Broid Swag merch your way for every referral!

💰 - Updated Pricing - 💰


After plenty of discussions with our beta users, talks with the team and data analysis we decided to change our monthly pricing for something even more straightforward:

$50/active app

Unlimited Integrations
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Messages

14 days free trial

Basically, whatever the number of messaging and/or voice integrations your app is connected to, you'll pay just a flat fee!

Oh and we're giving you 15% if you choose the annual plan!

💬 - Web Chat New Features - 💬


We have two new exciting features that we released this week on the Web Chat:

  • Sending File attachments
    Your users can now send you files! So far, supported format are PNG/JPG/GIF/PDF (more to come like .doc / .docx).

You can even specify in the configuration what format you want to accept (for example only PDFs).

  • Disabling the composer
    Because sometimes you really need to guide users through buttons and not let them type their own answer, you can now disable the text composer on the fly or for the whole conversation!

A big thank you to some of you Broiders for requesting & testing those features! You know who you are!

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