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Passionated about communication and entrepreneurship, I learn, create, test, fail, get back up, learn some more and keep trying new things. I joined Broid as VP Marketing.

Welcome to Broid

Welcome to Broid

Hello there humble visitor and welcome to Broid's blog!

We don't know you yet and maybe you don't know us either so let's make some introduction right away - at least on our side :)

What do we do in a 100 words (or less)

Broid is a developer-first company that enables teams & bots to converse with their users on the top 20 messaging channels and a web messenger for website/app powered by the best conversational features available. You can basically activate & test new channels with the flip of a switch, no more API integration for you or your team!

Member of Google & GitHub startups programs and based on an open source project, Broid addresses the growing issue of costly API integrations by freeing developers from that tedious work with a unified communication protocol using W3C standards.

Where we come from

Somewhere between 2015 and 2016, Issam Hakimi - Broid's CEO - started exploring the AI world, fiercely believing the near future would see the rise of “Conversation as a Platform”.

While aiming to build his long-dreamed virtual assistant, one of his first struggle was adding his bot to a new messaging channel. Each time, it meant reading a specific API documentation, integrating a new schema, testing, maintaining, etc.


I mean, the single easiest and most basic thing in the AI field — the broadcasting part — is unbelievably tedious work! A modern version of the Tower of Babel where the great god of Messaging decided to make sure all the channels would speak a different language!

That’s about when Loris Dzagoyan - Our COO - came into the picture. Talking about that major issue, they realized that the integration work Issam had done could definitely be useful to others. Bringing Dustin Blacklam onboard - Broid's CTO, they decided to go open source. To further the goal of unification, we decided to leverage W3C standards for the Broid’s schema.

And BOOM! the repo was published on GitHub in February 2017.

Where we are

It has then been eight incredible months. We’ve received tons of acknowledgements, comments, questions, feedback allowing us to further Broid’s integrations and performances. Our community is just the best :)

Two (quite big) highlights worth mentioning: we were invited to the Google Spark Program and joined GitHub Startup Program as well for our contribution in the Open Source Community.

But the major takeaway of those 6 months was a surprise to us. A growing base of Broid’s users were asking us to release our own public API, saying that they’ll definitely pay for that service.

We listened and here we are. Broid’s conversational API is live and fully functionning!

Or as I like to put it: One Channel to Rule them All :)


Where we're going

If you want to know more about Broid's vision and how we plan to achieve it, you're welcome to our Medium Blog:

Broid Beyond

Yes, we also have a Medium Blog where we will post some exclusive content from time to time.